Random tasks parameters

Typical INGInious tasks are displayed the same way for all the students. However, it is possible to display some parameters randomly for students to avoid copy/pasting their peers submissions. This can, for instance, be a numerical value for a computation, or the name of a variable.

INGInious allows you to generate one or several random numbers that are stored in database per student. To enable this, specify the number of random numbers (of parameters) you need in the task editor Basic settings tab. By default, the same set of random numbers is kept per student. If you want to generate random numbers each time the student opens the task, check the Regenerate random input box.

Accessing the task random parameters

The random numbers generated for the task are accessible through the webapp as well as in the INGInious container and run file.

Through the webapp

Several context-specific inputs are accessible through a input Javascript dictionary in the task and subproblems context.

var input = {
    "@lang": "fr",
    "@username": "foobar",
    "@random": [0.9805443622648311, 0.8755252481699163],
    "@state": ""

The @random key contains the random number list. In order to use it, declare a ..raw:: html directive in your contexts and include some Javascript code via the HTML <script> tag.

Through the container

The random number list can be accessed using the getinput API with the specific id @random.

Using the shell API:

getinput @random

Using the Python API:

from inginious import input as inginious_input
random_list = inginious_input.get_input("@random")