This tool replays submissions of a given course to ensure that its task’s grading processes are consistent over time.

The verification of a specific task may be skipped by adding a “.testignore” file in the task directory.

inginious-task-test [-h] [-c CONFIG] [-v] [-p [PLUGINS ...]] courseid [taskids ...]
-h, --help

Display the help message.

-c CONFIG, --config CONFIG

Path towards the INGInious instance configuration file.

-v, --verbose

Display more output.

-p [PLUGINS ...], --plugins [PLUGINS ...]

Additional plugins required to replay the course’s tasks.


Course ID of the course to test, e.g., linfo1140. It should match the name of the corresponding course directory in the tasks directory.


If specified, a list of tasks to test. If none is given, all the task of the course are replayed.