Anonymize INGInious submissions and install them in an INGInious instance if possible (see -c and -p).

If this script is run outside of an INGInious installation, it will output a directory reproducing the course structure in the current directory.

Users should note that anonymizing a submission is a possibly destructive operation for tasks graders since they may rely on some of the cleared fields to produce their feedback. Here is an exhaustive list of cleared fields [user_ip, _id, archive, grade, submitted_on, time, @email, @username].

inginious-submission-anonymizer [-h] [-c CONFIGURATION] [-p PREFIX] courseid archive
-h, --help

Display the help message.


Path towards an INGInious instance configuration file.

This is the preferred method to directly install the anonymized submissions within an existing instance.

-p PREFIX, --prefix PREFIX

Path towards the tasks directory of an existing INGInious instance.

It will be used if this script is run outside of a valid INGInious installation. Otherwise, this option is ignored.


The course ID corresponding to the submissions to anonymize.


Path to the submissions archive.