Source code for inginious_container_api.lang

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# This file is part of INGInious. See the LICENSE and the COPYRIGHTS files for
# more information about the licensing of this file.

# init language management

import gettext
import os

import inginious_container_api.input
import builtins

[docs]def get_lang_dir_path(): if inginious_container_api.DEBUG: return "./__lang" else: return "/task/lang"
[docs]def init(): """ Install gettext with the default parameters """ if "_" not in builtins.__dict__: # avoid installing lang two times os.environ["LANGUAGE"] = inginious_container_api.input.get_lang() if inginious_container_api.DEBUG: gettext.install("messages", get_lang_dir_path()) else: gettext.install("messages", get_lang_dir_path())