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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# This file is part of INGInious. See the LICENSE and the COPYRIGHTS files for
# more information about the licensing of this file.

""" Index page """

import logging

import flask
from werkzeug.exceptions import Forbidden
from bson.objectid import ObjectId

from inginious.frontend.pages.utils import INGIniousAuthPage

[docs]class GroupPage(INGIniousAuthPage): """ Group page """ _logger = logging.getLogger("inginious.webapp.groups")
[docs] def GET_AUTH(self, courseid): # pylint: disable=arguments-differ """ GET request """ course = self.course_factory.get_course(courseid) username = self.user_manager.session_username() error = False msg = "" data = flask.request.args if self.user_manager.has_staff_rights_on_course(course): raise Forbidden(description=_("You can't access this page as a member of the staff.")) elif not (self.user_manager.course_is_open_to_user(course, lti=False) and self.user_manager.course_is_user_registered(course, username)): return self.template_helper.render("course_unavailable.html") elif "register_group" in data: if course.can_students_choose_group(): group = self.database.groups.find_one( {"courseid": course.get_id(), "students": username}) if group is not None: group["students"].remove(username) self.database.groups.replace_one({"courseid": course.get_id(), "students": username}, group) # Add student in the audience and unique group if group is not full new_group = self.database.groups.find_one_and_update( {"_id": ObjectId(data["register_group"]), "$where": "this.students.length<this.size"}, {"$push": {"students": username}}) if new_group is None: error = True msg = _("Couldn't register to the specified group.") else:"User %s registered to group %s/%s", username, courseid, new_group["description"]) else: error = True msg = _("You are not allowed to change group.") elif "unregister_group" in data: if course.can_students_choose_group(): group = self.database.groups.find_one({"courseid": course.get_id(), "students": username}) if group is not None: self.database.groups.find_one_and_update({"_id": group["_id"]}, {"$pull": {"students": username}})"User %s unregistered from group %s/%s", username, courseid, group["description"]) else: error = True msg = _("You're not registered in a group.") else: error = True msg = _("You are not allowed to change group.") tasks = course.get_tasks() last_submissions = self.submission_manager.get_user_last_submissions(5, {"courseid": courseid, "taskid": {"$in": list(tasks.keys())}}) for submission in last_submissions: submission["taskname"] = tasks[submission['taskid']].get_name(self.user_manager.session_language()) user_group = self.user_manager.get_course_user_group(course) user_audiences = [audience["_id"] for audience in self.database.audiences.find({"courseid": courseid, "students": username})] groups = self.user_manager.get_course_groups(course) student_allowed_in_group = lambda group: any(set(user_audiences).intersection(group["audiences"])) or not group["audiences"] allowed_groups = [group for group in groups if student_allowed_in_group(group)] users = self.user_manager.get_users_info(self.user_manager.get_course_registered_users(course)) return self.template_helper.render("group.html", course=course, submissions=last_submissions, allowed_groups=allowed_groups, groups=groups, users=users, mygroup=user_group, msg=msg, error=error)