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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# This file is part of INGInious. See the LICENSE and the COPYRIGHTS files for
# more information about the licensing of this file.

""" A course class with some modification for users """

import copy
import gettext
import re
from typing import List
from collections import OrderedDict

from inginious.frontend.user_settings.course_user_setting import CourseUserSetting
from inginious.common.tags import Tag
from inginious.frontend.accessible_time import AccessibleTime
from inginious.frontend.parsable_text import ParsableText
from inginious.frontend.user_manager import UserInfo
from inginious.frontend.task_dispensers.toc import TableOfContents

def _migrate_from_v_0_6(content, task_list):
    if 'task_dispenser' not in content:
        content["task_dispenser"] = "toc"
        if 'toc' in content:
            content['dispenser_data'] = {"toc": content["toc"]}
            ordered_tasks = OrderedDict(sorted(list(task_list.items()),
                                               key=lambda t: (int(t[1]._data.get('order', -1)), t[1].get_id())))
            content['dispenser_data'] = {"toc": [{"id": "tasks-list", "title": _("List of exercises"),
                                          "rank": 0, "tasks_list": list(ordered_tasks.keys())}], "config": {}}

[docs]class Course(object): """ A course with some modification for users """ def __init__(self, courseid, content, course_fs, task_factory, plugin_manager, task_dispensers, database): self._id = courseid self._content = content self._fs = course_fs self._task_factory = task_factory self._plugin_manager = plugin_manager self._translations = {} translations_fs = self._fs.from_subfolder("$i18n") if translations_fs.exists(): for f in translations_fs.list(folders=False, files=True, recursive=False): lang = f[0:len(f) - 3] if translations_fs.exists(lang + ".mo"): self._translations[lang] = gettext.GNUTranslations(translations_fs.get_fd(lang + ".mo")) else: self._translations[lang] = gettext.NullTranslations() try: self._name = self._content['name'] except: raise Exception("Course has an invalid name: " + self.get_id()) if self._content.get('nofrontend', False): raise Exception("That course is not allowed to be displayed directly in the webapp") _migrate_from_v_0_6(content, self._task_factory.get_all_tasks(self)) try: self._admins = self._content.get('admins', []) self._tutors = self._content.get('tutors', []) self._description = self._content.get('description', '') self._accessible = AccessibleTime(self._content.get("accessible", None)) self._registration = AccessibleTime(self._content.get("registration", None)) self._registration_password = self._content.get('registration_password', None) self._registration_ac = self._content.get('registration_ac', None) if self._registration_ac not in [None, "username", "binding", "email"]: raise Exception("Course has an invalid value for registration_ac: " + self.get_id()) self._registration_ac_accept = self._content.get('registration_ac_accept', True) self._registration_ac_list = self._content.get('registration_ac_list', []) self._groups_student_choice = self._content.get("groups_student_choice", False) self._allow_unregister = self._content.get('allow_unregister', True) self._allow_preview = self._content.get('allow_preview', False) self._is_lti = self._content.get('is_lti', False) self._lti_url = self._content.get('lti_url', '') self._lti_keys = self._content.get('lti_keys', {}) self._lti_send_back_grade = self._content.get('lti_send_back_grade', False) self._tags = {key: Tag(key, tag_dict, self.gettext) for key, tag_dict in self._content.get("tags", {}).items()} self._course_user_setting = {key: CourseUserSetting(key, field_dict["description"], field_dict["type"]) for key, field_dict in self._content.get("fields", {}).items()} task_dispenser_class = task_dispensers.get(self._content.get('task_dispenser', 'toc'), TableOfContents) # Here we use a lambda to encourage the task dispenser to pass by the task_factory to fetch course tasks # to avoid them to be cached along with the course object. Passing the task factory as argument # would require to pass the course too, and have a useless reference back. self._task_dispenser = task_dispenser_class(lambda: self._task_factory.get_all_tasks(self), self._content.get("dispenser_data", ''), database, self.get_id()) except: raise Exception("Course has an invalid YAML spec: " + self.get_id()) # Force some parameters if LTI is active if self.is_lti(): self._accessible = AccessibleTime(True) self._registration = AccessibleTime(False) self._registration_password = None self._registration_ac = None self._registration_ac_list = [] self._groups_student_choice = False self._allow_unregister = False else: self._lti_keys = {} self._lti_url = '' self._lti_send_back_grade = False # Build the regex for the ACL, allowing for fast matching. Only used internally. self._registration_ac_regex = self._build_ac_regex(self._registration_ac_list)
[docs] def get_translation_obj(self, language): return self._translations.get(language, gettext.NullTranslations())
[docs] def gettext(self, language, *args, **kwargs): return self.get_translation_obj(language).gettext(*args, **kwargs)
[docs] def get_id(self): """ Return the _id of this course """ return self._id
[docs] def get_fs(self): """ Returns a FileSystemProvider which points to the folder of this course """ return self._fs
[docs] def get_task(self, taskid): """ Returns a Task object """ return self._task_factory.get_task(self, taskid)
[docs] def get_descriptor(self): """ Get (a copy) the description of the course """ return copy.deepcopy(self._content)
[docs] def get_staff(self): """ Returns a list containing the usernames of all the staff users """ return list(set(self.get_tutors() + self.get_admins()))
[docs] def get_admins(self): """ Returns a list containing the usernames of the administrators of this course """ return self._admins
[docs] def get_tutors(self): """ Returns a list containing the usernames of the tutors assigned to this course """ return self._tutors
[docs] def is_open_to_non_staff(self): """ Returns true if the course is accessible by users that are not administrator of this course """ return self.get_accessibility().is_open()
[docs] def is_registration_possible(self, user_info: UserInfo): """ Returns true if users can register for this course """ return self.get_accessibility().is_open() and self._registration.is_open() and self.is_user_accepted_by_access_control(user_info)
[docs] def is_password_needed_for_registration(self): """ Returns true if a password is needed for registration """ return self._registration_password is not None
[docs] def get_registration_password(self): """ Returns the password needed for registration (None if there is no password) """ return self._registration_password
[docs] def get_accessibility(self, plugin_override=True): """ Return the AccessibleTime object associated with the accessibility of this course """ vals = self._plugin_manager.call_hook('course_accessibility', course=self, default=self._accessible) return vals[0] if len(vals) and plugin_override else self._accessible
[docs] def get_registration_accessibility(self): """ Return the AccessibleTime object associated with the registration """ return self._registration
[docs] def get_tasks(self, ordered=False): return self._task_dispenser.get_ordered_tasks() if ordered else self._task_factory.get_all_tasks(self)
[docs] def get_access_control_method(self): """ Returns either None, "username", "binding", or "email", depending on the method used to verify that users can register to the course """ return self._registration_ac
[docs] def get_access_control_accept(self): """ Returns either True (accept) or False (deny), depending on the control type used to verify that users can register to the course """ return self._registration_ac_accept
[docs] def get_access_control_list(self) -> List[str]: """ Returns the list of all users/emails/binding methods/... (see get_access_control_method) allowed by the AC list """ return self._registration_ac_list
[docs] def can_students_choose_group(self): """ Returns True if the students can choose their groups """ return self._groups_student_choice
[docs] def is_lti(self): """ True if the current course is in LTI mode """ return self._is_lti
[docs] def lti_keys(self): """ {name: key} for the LTI customers """ return self._lti_keys if self._is_lti else {}
[docs] def lti_url(self): """ Returns the URL to the external platform the course is hosted on """ return self._lti_url
[docs] def lti_send_back_grade(self): """ True if the current course should send back grade to the LTI Tool Consumer """ return self._is_lti and self._lti_send_back_grade
[docs] def is_user_accepted_by_access_control(self, user_info: UserInfo): """ Returns True if the user is allowed by the ACL """ if self.get_access_control_method() is None: return True keys_per_access_control_method = { "username": (lambda: [user_info.username]), "email": (lambda: []), "binding": (lambda: user_info.bindings.keys()) } if not user_info or self.get_access_control_method() not in keys_per_access_control_method: return False # check that at least one key matches in the list keys = keys_per_access_control_method[self.get_access_control_method()]() at_least_one = any(self._registration_ac_regex.fullmatch(key) for key in keys) return at_least_one if self.get_access_control_accept() else not at_least_one
[docs] def allow_preview(self): return self._allow_preview
[docs] def allow_unregister(self, plugin_override=True): """ Returns True if students can unregister from course """ vals = self._plugin_manager.call_hook('course_allow_unregister', course=self, default=self._allow_unregister) return vals[0] if len(vals) and plugin_override else self._allow_unregister
[docs] def get_name(self, language): """ Return the name of this course """ return self.gettext(language, self._name) if self._name else ""
[docs] def get_description(self, language): """Returns the course description """ description = self.gettext(language, self._description) if self._description else '' return ParsableText(description, "rst", translation=self.get_translation_obj(language))
[docs] def get_tags(self): return self._tags
[docs] def get_course_user_settings(self): """ :return: The course user settings dictionary for a course. """ return self._course_user_setting
[docs] def get_task_dispenser(self): """ :return: the structure of the course """ return self._task_dispenser
def _build_ac_regex(self, list_ac): """ Build a regex for the AC list, allowing for fast matching. The regex is only used internally """ return re.compile('|'.join(re.escape(x).replace("\\*", ".*") for x in list_ac))