Source code for inginious.frontend.arch_helper

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# This file is part of INGInious. See the LICENSE and the COPYRIGHTS files for
# more information about the licensing of this file.
import logging

import asyncio
import multiprocessing
import threading

from zmq.asyncio import ZMQEventLoop, Context

from inginious.client.client import Client

[docs]def start_asyncio_and_zmq(debug_asyncio=False): """ Init asyncio and ZMQ. Starts a daemon thread in which the asyncio loops run. :return: a ZMQ context and a Thread object (as a tuple) """ loop = ZMQEventLoop() asyncio.set_event_loop(loop) if debug_asyncio: loop.set_debug(True) zmq_context = Context() t = threading.Thread(target=_run_asyncio, args=(loop, zmq_context), daemon=True) t.start() return zmq_context, t
def _run_asyncio(loop, zmq_context): """ Run asyncio (should be called in a thread) and close the loop and the zmq context when the thread ends :param loop: :param zmq_context: :return: """ try: asyncio.set_event_loop(loop) loop.run_forever() except: pass finally: loop.close() zmq_context.destroy(1000) async def _restart_on_cancel(logger, agent): """ Restarts an agent when it is cancelled """ while True: try: await except asyncio.CancelledError: logger.exception("Restarting agent") pass
[docs]def create_arch(configuration, tasks_fs, context, course_factory): """ Helper that can start a simple complete INGInious arch locally if needed, or a client to a remote backend. Intended to be used on command line, makes uses of exit() and the logger inginious.frontend. :param configuration: configuration dict :param tasks_fs: FileSystemProvider to the courses/tasks folders :param context: a ZMQ context :param course_factory: The course factory to be used by the frontend :param is_testing: boolean :return: a Client object """ logger = logging.getLogger("inginious.frontend") backend_link = configuration.get("backend", "local") if backend_link == "local":"Starting a simple arch (backend, docker-agent and mcq-agent) locally") local_config = configuration.get("local-config", {}) concurrency = local_config.get("concurrency", multiprocessing.cpu_count()) debug_host = local_config.get("debug_host", None) debug_ports = local_config.get("debug_ports", None) tmp_dir = local_config.get("tmp_dir", "./agent_tmp") if debug_ports is not None: try: debug_ports = debug_ports.split("-") debug_ports = range(int(debug_ports[0]), int(debug_ports[1])) except: logger.error("debug_ports should be in the format 'begin-end', for example '1000-2000'") exit(1) else: debug_ports = range(64100, 64111) """ Those imports are required in pip-based installation but are not available in docker-compose based ones. """ from inginious.agent.docker_agent import DockerAgent from inginious.agent.mcq_agent import MCQAgent from inginious.backend.backend import Backend client = Client(context, "inproc://backend_client") backend = Backend(context, "inproc://backend_agent", "inproc://backend_client") agent_docker = DockerAgent(context, "inproc://backend_agent", "Docker - Local agent", concurrency, tasks_fs, debug_host, debug_ports, tmp_dir, ssh_allowed=True) agent_mcq = MCQAgent(context, "inproc://backend_agent", "MCQ - Local agent", 1, tasks_fs, course_factory.get_task_factory().get_problem_types()) asyncio.ensure_future(_restart_on_cancel(logger, agent_docker)) asyncio.ensure_future(_restart_on_cancel(logger, agent_mcq)) asyncio.ensure_future(_restart_on_cancel(logger, backend)) elif backend_link in ["remote", "remote_manuel", "docker_machine"]: #old-style config logger.error("Value '%s' for the 'backend' option is configuration.yaml is not supported anymore. \n" "Have a look at the 'update' section of the INGInious documentation in order to upgrade your configuration.yaml", backend_link) exit(1) return None #... pycharm returns a warning else :-( else:"Creating a client to backend at %s", backend_link) client = Client(context, backend_link) # check for old-style configuration entries old_style_configs = ["agents", 'containers', "machines", "docker_daemons"] for c in old_style_configs: if c in configuration: logger.warning("Option %s in configuration.yaml is not used anymore.\n" "Have a look at the 'update' section of the INGInious documentation in order to upgrade your configuration.yaml", c) return client