Assistant to test automatically the content and the format of the task.yaml files of a courses and to check if the output of the submission.test files corresponding to submissions with the new test is consistent with the output of the test in the inginious instance.

The submission.test files for a task are situated in a test/ folder which is a sub directory of the task directory and which at the same level as the task.yaml.

inginious-autotest [-h] [--logging] [-f FILE] [--ptype PTYPE [PTYPE ...]] task_dir course_dir
-h, --help

Display the help message.


Activate the logging of the used inginious backend and docker agent


Write the output in a json format in the specified file in case of failure

--ptype PTYPE [PTYPE ...]

Specify additional problem types to be used.


Path to the courses directory of inginious, corresponds to field task_directory in the configuration.yaml


Path to the course directory to test